Definition: “Serene” -Peaceful, Untroubled, Tranquil 

These were all the emotions experienced when creating this series. I cannot say this about all of my artwork, but this series was effortless. I began this series after an extremely challenging day. Typically, I do not paint in the evenings due to the lighting but the ideas and strokes just emerged, and day after day, did not stop. I love that creating  can takes you to a place that is a definite contrast to what occurs in your personal life. 

As an artist, I am always experimenting and evolving. It is a constant journey of self discovery.  Serene is the first mixed media series I have completed, full of paint drips and delicious texture. This combined with all of the moody hues of blues and grays make these truly special. 

Lindsey Franks Fine Art specializes in Transitional art, meaning it compliments many different styles of decor. The Serene Series is no exception and looks fantastic in the traditional or modern home.

All eight paintings included in this series are available for purchase in the shop.

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