Goals 2021


The new year is always so exciting for me. In my mind, it is like a clean slate and boy do we need a do over from 2020.

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I am a list maker. My husband makes fun of me because since he has known me, I have lists for my lists and sometimes they are color coded with a legend. It may sound a little over the top but I am all about the process and organizing the steps to get to where I want to be!

Each year, I tend to set personal, professional and creative goals for all aspects of my life and this year is no different. With 2020 in the rear view mirror and it’s impact on my physical and metal health, I know there are several things I need more of in my life in the coming year. 

More grace- grace when it comes to being ok that my house isn’t spotless. I don’t know about you, but I spend so much time tidying (and I think this was a byproduct of being cooped up at home) that it’s almost an outlet for anxiety. Now laundry- that’s a different story but I want to be able to slow down and do things that truly matter. Being forgiving of myself when I don’t put the dishes away or fluff the couch cushions is something I plan on working on.

More intentionality- being intentional in the everyday moments with my little family. Spending less time in front of a screen and more time creating memories and watching Emma grow. I don’t want to miss a thing! 

More health- I have spent the last 5 years focusing on getting this little girl here. There were so many surgeries, hormones, needles, etc and my body needs to heal. This can only be done by putting good things in/on my body and consistent movement. I look forward to completing the allergy screening test I got for Christmas so I can better fuel my body and starting an exercise program that is attainable with an infant.

More joy- doing more things that bring me joy. I love painting and design. In 2020, I put all of these things on the back burner when I probably needed them the most! I was so consumed with my new working environment and the stresses that came along with it as well as finding out our 2nd round of IVF had worked in mid-February (right before the pandemic hit) combined with the fatigue that comes with pregnancy that I didn’t pick up a paint brush from April- November! Talk about a break. Moving forward, I plan on setting time aside purposely for things I enjoy.

More bravery- being brave in my work and creativity. Knowing that my work does have value and is something that is worth collecting. Do I want to be world renown, no. Would I like to have dedicated collectors and features in galleries, yes. This year I am going to try and be brave because art is something I am passionate about and something I want to share with my daughter. She is my biggest motivation and I known I need to be an example of bravery to her.

And the list goes on. These are definitely the big goals for the year. I would not say they are SMART or measurable goals by any means but a great place to start.

What are some of your goals this year? Drop it in the comments section.



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