Here are the Top 10 most frequently asked questions I get! If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out at lmfranksart@gmail.com

1. HOW DO I PURCHASE AN ORIGINAL PAINTING? Collectors can see all available work listed on the online SHOP. I complete several original canvas and paper paintings throughout the year. All available work is promoted through social media as well as an email subscribers list.

2. WHAT TYPES OF COMMISSIONS DO YOU OFFER? I offer commissions on both canvas and paper of various sizes. All canvas commissions are completed on a gallery standard cotton canvas of medium texture, 1.5 inch sides. All paper commissions are completed on high quality cold pressed watercolor paper unless otherwise decided. Framing options are offered for canvas commissions only.

3. WHAT IS THE COMMISSION PROCESS? When submitting a commission request, you will be asked to provide information on the type of commission (canvas or paper), size and color scheme. To help get a better idea of your vision, it is encouraged that you spend me any inspiration items such as photos of the space, large furniture items and any decor to be considered (pillow covers, wallpaper, etc). Please include any of my previous work you gravitated towards in the comments box prior to submitting.

Once all information has been received, I will be able to discuss timeline and shipping costs. I only accept 1-2 commission inquiries each month depending on my schedule, so there can be a wait. Once the request has been accepted, a deposit of 50% of the designated price will be sent via invoice to the buyers email.

The turnaround time heavily depends on the size of the commission, however most can be completed within 1-2 months. As I work on your request, I will send progress pictures to ensure the color and style are in line with your vision while remaining true to my personal style as an artist. As a policy, I allow up to 3 reworks between myself and collectors. Once the collector approved the painting, it will be varnished, signed and titled on the back and is ready to be shipped.

4. DO YOU OFFER PRINTS OF YOUR WORK? Not at the present time, however this is something I am considering for the future should the need arise.

5. WHAT FORMS OF PAYMENT DO YOU ACCEPT? I currently accept both Paypal and Venmo.

6. WHAT IS YOUR METHOD OF SHIPPING? Once a commission has been completed or a purchase made through the online SHOP, you can expect the painting to be shipped within 2-4 days. All paper pieces are shipped through USPS priority mail, insured and in a rigid mailer. All canvases are sent via UPS, secure and protected in a custom sized box.

7. CAN I PICK UP MY PURCHASE AT YOUR STUDIO? Absolutely! If you live in the area and would like to schedule a time to pick up your purchase, please email me at lmfranksart@gmail.com to arrange a time. If purchasing online, be sure to select ” Local Pickup” to waive any shipping costs.

8. WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY? All of my work is meticulously cared for and is viewed as an extension of me. As such, all sales are final except in certain situations. Please take the time to thoroughly read all descriptions and view each photo before purchase. If you are concerned about color distortion, be sure to view the painting on multiple screens. If you have concerns, please feel free to reach out at lmfranksart@gmail.com

9. INTERIOR DESIGNERS? I have a great love for all things interior design as as such. would absolutely love to collaborate if you are a designer. I offer designers 15% off listing prices. If you are interested, please contact lmfranksart@gmail.com so I can configure a discount code for your continual use.

10. NOW THAT I OWN THIS PAINTING, AM I FREE TO DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH IT? This is always tricky. Yes, and no. Yes, you may feature it in your home and enjoy it for many years to come. No, you may not resell or reproduce it without written consent. As an artist, I own the rights to my own work unless the rights have been purchased (separate fee from the cost paid for the artwork).  Please tag me in any social media post and if the artwork is reproduced or featured in print, media or magazine, I only ask to be given credit.