Lindsey is an Ohio born painter operating just outside of the Atlanta, Georgia area where she lives with her hunk of a husband and their recent addition, Emma Jean. She is best known for her soft abstracts and muted landscapes. Working primarily with acrylics, Lindsey’s work can best be described as transitional, bending the lines between both traditional and modern home decor. 

Growing up, the vast majority of Saturday mornings were spent covered in paint at a local artist’s studio in her hometown  of Chillicothe, Ohio. Some of her fondest memories are walking up the steps to Hathaway Studio and Gallery, dreaming up her next work of art. Lindsey’s days now look much different, balancing the life of a university administrator (the day job), being a fulltime mom and painting on weekends or during naptimes, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Creating has always been part of the foundation in Lindsey’s life, however it was not until she was diagnosed with unexplained infertility in 2017 that she began using the process of creating as an outlet. When creating, her goal is to deliver a one of a kind piece that reflects her love, passion and creativity while bringing her collectors vision to life.